Sunday, March 13, 2011

Angels, Demons, and Redemption

This week are joined by Cassiel Knight, author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy, with kick-butt heroines and sexy heroes. Her new release, Key of Solomon, is the beginning of a series that features angels and demons and looks absolutely delicious.  Please join me in welcoming Cassie and learning about this intriguing book.

What was the initial spark that put this story in your head? 
Well, it's been a while and the story has gone through several incarnations but what I remember that put the spark for this one was the now defunct Silhouette Bombshell line. I'd written one futuristic romance targeted for that line because I love strong, kick-butt heroines and when that was finished, I wanted to write about a hurting woman and a fallen angel - another subject I found interesting. Plus, I was watching Tomb Raider and Relic Hunter and really thought about how to combine the two. It didn't actually work out that way - the story is light on Tomb Raider and Relic Hunter elements but I did write about angels and demons and I wanted to do that. Oh, and I wanted to mix mystical historical details as well and Egypt. So, basically, I had a soup of wonderful ideas and Relic Defender series is how I combined them, with Key of Solomon as the first book.

I'm a huge paranormal fan, and it seems that angels and demons are the new hit these days. Your story seems to really cross the line between the two. It appears that good and evil aren't necessarily easy to determine. Can you tell us a bit about that?
Definitely. This seems to be a pattern not only in books I write but those I read. I like the idea that even angels and demons can be a mix of good and bad. It's what they do that defines them not necessarily who they are. And I really wanted to write about a fallen angel who made a mistake, made the wrong choices and to show that redemption can happen to even a fallen angel.

It seems that most authors use something from their own lives, or the lives of people they know as an integral part of the story.  Is there anything in this story like that?  If so, what?
I wish I was as strong as Lexi! No, this story is pure fiction. Lexi and Mikos' tale really came about to blend all the things I love into one story. I guess, you could say that it's my passions in life that drive my stories.

Is there a particular scene in Key of Solomon that you really loved when you finished it? Which one and why?
I have to say my favorites are the ones with Rocky, my shape-shifting imp. He loves the gangsters of the 1920s and is really fairly irreverant for a lesser demon. I plan to keep him around. And of course, while I can't tell you why because it would give away the ending, I loved the moment Mikos and Lexi got together - when they found their happily ever after. Now, that, I can tell you. :)

With the subtitle, Relic Defender, this book looks to be part of a series. Is it? If so, can you tell us how many books are planned and how they'll be linked? Also, any release dates for future books?
Yes, this is a series. At this point, I have book number 2 in progress and book 3 outlined. I haven't thought much beyond that. I love the world I've created and would enjoy staying there. I don't foresee getting tired of it and there are certainly enough story ideas that it could keep going. I hope the readers will tell me whether they want the series to continue. I would certainly enjoy continuing to write it. In fact, if readers want to get a taste of book two, they can visit my blog site specifically set up to launch Relic Defender.

If someone wants to check out your backlist based on loving this story, where would you suggest they start? Or which books would be in a similar vein?
Up until recently, I had a futuristic romance available from New Concepts Publishing; however, I pulled it and am looking for a new home for it or publishing directly to Kindle. So, Key of Solomon is the first book in the Relic Defender series with Samhain. If readers want to see what I'm working on, they can visit my webpage. I've posted excerpts from the first book in another series that is tagged as Tomb Raiders meets The Librarian. Yes, this one truly has a tomb raider element. :)

That's the end of the interview. Thanks for joining Behind the Book.
Thanks so much for having me. It's been fun revisiting the birth of this book.

Readers, this interview had me immediately ordering Key of Solomon. I can't wait to read it!  You can get the book in your favorite ebook format from these publishers.


relicdefender said...

Hi! I'll be checking in throughout the day to answer questions. I love to talk about how the story came into being.

Thanks Maggie for having me here!

terripatrick said...

I'm really enjoying Relic Defender! No questions yet, I like to finish a novel first and savor it.