Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Book Breeze -- A new monthly paper all about books

This week I'm deviating from the norm to talk to Donna Kiehle, owner and editor of The Book Breeze.  Perhaps you've seen small flyers with book reviews, or author articles in your favorite bookstore.  You may frequent a few review sites online.  The Book Breeze is all that and more.  It's a newspaper designed for readers.  Articles about authors, new short stories, and of course book reviews are all part of this new paper.  While giving a nod to the past by producing an actual tabloid on books, it also plans to stick with the future and have a PDF version available for anyone who prefers to read electronically.

The Book Breeze is fresh, exciting, and I predict it will do very well.  The first issue will be launched at the Romantic Times conference, and soon follow at the Heart of Dixie Reader's Luncheon.  

Soon the tabloid will be available in bookstores across the U.S.  Please join me in welcoming Donna Kiehle, the owner of The Book Breeze.

The Book Breeze is getting a lot of buzz among authors.  Can you tell us why you decided to start a monthly newspaper on books?

Because readers are always looking for a good book and writers are always looking for a good reader.
There are 1,500 books published each day in this country.  How does a reader navigate that volume?   How does a writer get noticed?  Facebook?  Twitter?  Amongst millions of posts and tweets?  It’s information overload. 

Sometimes, to get noticed, you need to step to the side, out of the flow, out of sync.  The Book Breeze isn’t a replacement for the social network, it’s an additional resource in the world of promotion.

I can see lots of reasons authors may want to promote in The Book Breeze, but what's in it for readers?
  • There’s Behind the Book.
  • Short stories that provide us with a brief respite in our day.
  • Articles that celebrate the written word, for instance, the importance of the industrial revolution, the dime novel and literacy or how writing opened doors for women.
  • A peek into the possibly sane world of a writer with the Writer’s Cave.
  • Book seller’s recommendations.
  • New releases.
  • Contests and puzzles and prizes.  Oh, my!

Your website says you plan a distribution of 5,000 copies.  That's huge.  Do you have a list of bookstores and libraries already?  Are these all across the U.S.? How about international?

I’m compiling that now.  I’m looking first for independent bookstores, then at the demographics of the area such as income and education level.  My goal is to get The Book Breeze into as many states as possible and if 5,000 isn’t enough of a print run, I’ll increase it to get the coverage.  As for international and online, well, it’s certainly a possibility.  I do have a friend at the English Academy in Madrid Spain who’s going to pass around copies.

For readers who are interested in getting the newspaper but don't have it in their hometown, or they live far away from a bookstore or library, how can they get it? Will you have subscriptions and/or an online version of the newspaper?

Subscriptions are available.  Because this venture is just beginning, the mail version will cost between $1.25 and $1.50 a month until the mailing list builds enough to qualify for bulk rates.  I’m also looking into sending a PDF version but since I’m still compiling my first edition it’s difficult to say at this point.  Keep watching the subscriptions page for the latest.

I understand The Book Breeze celebrates all genres of fiction, not just Romance.  Can you give us a preview of some of the books and authors in your premier issue?

Because my contacts are primarily romance, so far that is the bulk of authors. So tell your friends from other genres to submit, advertise and participate.  I’d love to see some poetry, YA, mystery, and non-fiction.  Also, if you know of an exceptional teen who writes, tell them to submit.  There is no age limit to good writing.

Well, I can hardly wait for the first issue. I'm definitely buying a subscription.  If you want more information on The Book Breeze. Visit the website or contact Donna Kiehle with your questions.

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Minnette Meador said...

Great interview, you guys! I'm very fortunate to have an ad in the very first publication and I'm just thrilled. The best of luck, Donna. I'm confident the flyer will really take off for you. M:o)