Thursday, July 19, 2012


Do you remember that song?  It's originally from David Bowie, released in 1972, performed regularly through the mid 1980's, on any "best of Bowie" albums, and then had re-invention as a BMW commercial for the 2011 Superbowl.  It goes to show how things are remixed, reused, and revived. 

As writing careers move forward, new books come out, old books disappear, new ways of publishing become available, and authors are finding plenty of opportunities to get their books in the hands of readers.  I am in the midst of one of those changes as I continue to write and find publishers for my adult romance, suspense, and futuristic novels under the Maggie Jaimeson name, I am also starting a series of new young adult novels under the Maggie Faire name.  These will be fantasy, paranormals, and urban fantasy novels--all favorite genres of mine and where I've been reading extensively over the past two to three years.  They will still have a romance too, but it will be romance as 14 to 16 year olds might experience it--not as adults do. So, as I finished my first Maggie Faire novel and am getting ready to send it out to publishers, I decided I needed a new type of blog as well.

First, for all of you who frequented my Behind the Book blog, I thank you.  It was a good couple of years of interviewing authors and learning about the books they wrote.  I interviewed best sellers, solid mid-listers, and some indie published authors.  In every case, I read their books and could honestly recommend them because they were well-written and had great stories. I  had great fun and I hope most of you found some new authors to consider.  I've connected those archives to my blog here so anyone can go back and re-read those great interviews.

I will still occasionally interview authors on this blog and share their new books, but it won't be the primary feature as it was on Behind the Book.  Instead, this blog is a way for me to share daily thoughts on writing, crime, SF coming true today, and the intersection between fantasy and reality...and anything that comes to mind.  Also, by combining several blogs into one, it will allow me to spend more time writing and getting books into the hands of readers and less time worrying about blogging in several places.

I hope you will still hang in there with me.  Even more, I hope you will join in the conversation.


Vonnie Alto said...

Sorry to see "Behind the Book" closed but how exciting that you started a new blog. I love the title, "Maggie's Meanderings." However did you think of it?

Maggie Jaimeson & Maggie Faire said...

Thanks for stopping by, Vonnie. Actually, Maggie Meanderings was the name of my very first blog 8 years ago. I liked the alliteration and truly felt I was "meandering" with my topics. I hope to see you here as a regular.

Vonnie Alto said...

Of course, Maggie, I'll be back. I've always enjoyed your insights.