Monday, October 22, 2012

Joining Goddess Fish Virtual Book Tours as Host

I've been so impressed with how Goddess Fish is handling my own virtual book tour, that I've decided to also host other authors on occasion.  I love learning more about new book releases are and I love talking to other authors.  After all, I can't produce a book of my own every month to keep my readers busy. I also think that hosting other authors will be a nice change from writing only about what's going on with me.

The other wonderful part of hosting with Goddess Fish is that my readers will get even more chances to meet new authors, learn about their books, and win cool swag, books, and gift cards as the tour  passes through my blog.

If you are not familiar with virtual book tours, they can take many forms. Sometimes, I'll just be posting information about a new book along with an excerpt and an author bio. Other times, I'll actually review the book and post my review here and in other outlets. Finally, for some authors I'll also do interviews so you can get to know them a little better.  The tours tend to have several blog stops, so you can follow an author you like to other reader blogs and learn even more while getting more chances to enter contests.

I've added a calendar near the top of the left column to show both my own tour and signing events, as well as my hosting events with other authors. I suspect my hosting events to begin in mid-November, so be sure to check back frequently and see who is dropping by.

For my reviews, I've decided to use a rainbow and pot of gold metaphor.  After all, when a book hits all my cookies, I truly believe the author deserves to make oodles of money on it. :)

Below are my five review icons and an explanation of each rating.

The book never really got started for me. Several problems turned me off from the beginning.
I was drawn in at the beginning but then it fell apart by the halfway point or earlier.
A book with lots of good characteristics, but also some flaws that made it less enjoyable.
A solid story that I would definitely recommend to friends.
A book that hits the jackpot and I recommend it to all readers in the genre without reservation.
Top Pick! This book transcends genre expectations. I want everyone to read it. I hope it sells millions!

9 comments: said...

What a great idea, Maggie. Hope you have lots of fun with it!

Paty Jager said...

I like your rainbow reviews! I've hosted several Goddessfish tours if they fit. Good luck!

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Melia and Paty, thank you for taking the time to stop by. I think I will have fun with this and I hope to get to know more readers too. Paty, it is your successful experience with GoddessFish that pushed me toward this. Thanks again!

Liz Flaherty said...

Love the rainbow concept!

Ashlyn said...

Sounds fun and great of you to be so supportive of other authors. I agree with the others. I love the rainbow rating system. Cool, beautiful, unique!

Susan said...

Way to go, Maggie! I appreciate how you unwaveringly support other authors and look forward to reading your reviews :)

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Liz and Ashlyn thanks for liking the rainbow rating system. I did want something different from stars and I'm such an optimistic person I figured the rainbow reflected my outlook on life. Susan, you have been an inspiration for me since I joined RCRW more than 8 years ago. Thanks to each of you for responding here and checking in with the blog. As you can see, I already have three authors scheduled. I'm only choosing books that I personally find interesting and want to read and that I believe my readers would also find interesting. So, let's see how it goes.

Cathryn Cade said...


Glad to hear of your positive experiences with Goddess Fish. I'm looking for a blog tour company to work with when I self-pub my new space opera series this next year, and would love to be part of this positive kind of support network.

May you find many pots of gold this year as you develop your network.


Maggie Jaimeson said...

I've been very pleased with them. They are well-organized and keep on top of everything. Of course, I'll know more after my massive tours beginning October 30th through January 30th. However, so far it's been great for me. Both the response of bloggers and how well they turn around interviews and posts well in advance of the date. I like having time to think through those things.

The key is to plan as far in advance as you can. GoddessFish books things a minimum of 8 weeks out. The further out you can plan, the more likely it is that you will also get the really big bloggers to feature you and your book--one's with more than a thousand members--which means more eyes on your book. Depending on the size of tour you choose, you will get a combination of smaller bloggers (like me) and big bloggers.

Thanks for stopping by, Cathryn!