Sunday, November 4, 2012

Party Down at GoddessFish

It's Party Time at the GoddessFish Party Pavillion!

I'll be blogging all day today, Sunday November 4th, at the GoddessFish Party Pavillion with a slew of other authors.  I'm giving away five ebooks to readers who come and leave a comment on one or more of the three guest blogs I'm doing. Just leave a comment then fill out the information in the embedded Rafflecopter drawing.

Each of the five winners will get to choose one of my books they'd like to receive.  The choices are: Eternity, Undertones, or Healing Notes.  So, if there is one you haven't read or have on your TBR list but haven't bought yet, now is the time to get in the drawing.

So what am I blogging about? I decided to do a blog trilogy on Following Your Dreams.  Dreams are an important part of our lives. Without them it would be difficult to get up each day and be willing to traverse the challenges that are presented. Yet, so many things happen in life to get in the way of achieving our dreams. How can we keep the faith and still pursue them? In short, the answer is by keeping the goal but allowing for changes in the details.

I've linked the blogs and topics here, along with the times (all times are NY times) they will post on the GoddessFish Party Pavillion site.


I'd love to interact with you at the party! Come share your dreams with me!

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