Monday, November 5, 2012

That Naked Feeling

As a teenager I had a common dream of many teenagers. That is the one where you appear at some important event (prom was the usual culprit for me) only to find you forgot some important piece of clothing--like your dress.  Then you are stuck between the decision to act "cool" -- like you planned this-- or to rush for something to cover the most intimate parts of you before anyone notices.  As a teenager, I always woke up before anyone noticed.

This dream occasionally occurred in my professional career as well. It usually manifested as me giving a speech or training in front of thousands in nothing but heels and a bow tie.  These dreams were not a reflection of any desire to be a Playboy bunny. Instead, they were fear-related dreams--a fear that I was unprepared for whatever I was undertaking in the dream. I suspect it was also the fear that I would be ridiculed in that endeavor as well.

I talk about this, because I think it is a common fear of many authors--whether they have the dream or not. Many of us are natural introverts. I'm never one to jump in to a discussion and take over. In fact, my personality is to help everyone else to get their opinions out. If I don't have a chance to talk, I'm okay with it because I learned from what everyone else said and I will use that to form my own opinions.  That introverted, self-counsel, personality is why I can survive (even love) long hours completely alone living in my mind. My novels are the way I get my voice heard without having to interrupt someone else or talk louder and longer than someone else.  The way I choose to use my voice in novels is to deal with the evil in the world, through my characters' journeys, and to make sure it turns out right in the end.

Now I embark on the last leg of the book tour journey, for Healing Notes.  This part is no longer the Book Blast Party atmosphere where people are taking a look at the excerpts or commenting on the beautiful cover (Thank you, Bosha Struve!)  In this leg of the tour it is more personal. It is the interviews, the guest blogs, and the book reviews.  It is those "naked" moments that both give me pause and give me a voice.  It also gives me another opportunity to listen to the readers. What worked for them in the book? What didn't speak to them? I know not everyone will love my novels. But I do believe some will. I hope you will drop by as often as you can on the tour and say Hi. Tell me what you are looking for in a book.

Thanks for your support!  Of course, there are always prizes in these tours. I'll continue to give away cover flats for Healing Notes. I will also be giving away TWO $25 gift cards over the next 12 weeks. One will be awarded just before Thanksgiving to a commenter on the blogs that did a review of the book. The second card will be awarded at the end of January to a commenter on the blogs that did an interview with me or requested a guest post.

Here's the schedule. 

Blog Stop What's Happening Date

Black Velvet Seductions Blog Interview Nov. 5
Musings From An Addicted Reader Review Nov. 5
Storm Goddess Book Reviews Review Nov. 5
Reviews by Molly Review Nov. 6
Reviewing Shelf Review Nov. 7
Sharing Links and Wisdom Review Nov. 8
Queen of the Night Reviews Review Nov. 9
Long and Short Reviews Guest Post: How to Handle Criticism Nov. 12
Bookgirl Knitting Review Nov. 12
My Devotional Thoughts Review Nov. 13
Andi's Book Review Review Nov. 13
The Bunny's Review Review Nov. 14
My Odd Little World Review Nov. 14
BadBarbsPlace Review Nov. 15
The Muse Unleashed  Review Nov. 16
MeganJohnsInvites Interview Nov. 19
MK McClintock Blog Guest Post: Music - Sounds of Writing Nov. 26
SnifferWalk Interview Dec. 3
Books Are Magic Guest Post Why I Write Wounded Heroes Dec. 10
Christy McKee Sweet Spot of life Interview Dec. 17
Queen of the Night Reviews Guest Post: The Secret to Finding Your Own Happy Ever After Dec. 31
The Masquerade Crew Guest Post: Deep Editing--It Changes Everything Jan. 7
It's Raining Books Interview Jan. 14
Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews Interview Jan. 21
Harlie's Book Blog Guest Post: Researching Celtic Music Jan. 21
Reader Girls TBA Jan. 28

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