Monday, November 12, 2012

Virtual Tour and Real-life Book Signing

Virtual Book Tour This Week

After a nice weekend break, the virtual book tour continues today.  This is the final week of the review portion of the tour.  I am pleased that so far the book is fairly well received--particularly given the difficult topic of rape recovery.

Today, I received the type of review that means a great deal to me and a large reason why I pushed to get this book published with this topic. It is from reviewer Dana at the Book Girl Knitting BlogIn her post, she reveals that she was the victim of child sexual trauma.  This is a part of what she wrote in her review of Healing Notes.

"Maggie Jaimeson does a wonderful job of making the character emotions pop off the page and takes you into the grit of a story that will wrench your heart. On many occasions, I felt my own scars rip open and ooze bitter blood, but as I read, I found courage between the lines of this story and that is what it takes to move forward. "

An author can ask for no more than to offer a reader courage and a chance to move forward, away from pain and toward healing. This type of review speaks to why I write about wounded heroes and heroines. As my characters find the courage to move forward, I hope to give voice to that place deep inside where we each must wrestle with our own traumas and take a step toward healing--a step where the wound does not define us, but we define it and what place it will take in our life.

On the somewhat brighter side, I also have a guest blog post this week on Long and Short Reviews (LASR). I blogged about How to Handle Criticism.  The subtitle should have been How to Counteract the Pleaser Virus.  I'm sure there are others who have succumbed to this virus--the one where you are responsible for everyone's happiness, including every person who ever reads a single word of your story. If you've been exposed to this virus, you may want to stop by and commiserate.

Real Life Book Signing

For those who live in the Portland Metropolitan area (Oregon that is), or wish to make a Saturday drive, I have the pleasure of signing at Jan's Paperbacks in Aloha on Saturday, November 17th from 1-3pm. I'll be signing Healing Notes, as well as my other books that readers may be interested in purchasing or bringing with them for signing.

Even more exciting, is that I will be signing with three other authors: Terri Reed (Inspirational Romantic Suspense); Jenna Bayley-Burke (Fun Contemporary Romance); and Jessa Slade (Urban Fantasy Romance).  I think the four of us represent a large spectrum of the romance genre. So, anyone who comes has the opportunity to see how wonderfully diverse your selection of romance fiction can be.

There will, of course, be prizes and giveaways and lots of fun at Jan's Paperbacks.  I hope to see lots of new and old friends there.

If you do not live near Portland, Oregon then I ask that you visit your own local bookseller this Saturday. They are truly the heart of many communities. They love books. They love authors. And most of all they love their customers. 

Where is Maggie on the Web This Week?

I've copied this weeks Blog Tour links below. I hope to see you at some of them. The two (2) $25 Gift Cards are still up for grabs. The first one will be awarded at the end of this week when the review portion of the book tour is over.  So, do get to one or more of the review blogs and comment so you have a chance at winning that gift card.

The second gift card will be awarded at the end of January, when the interview/guest post tour is over.  To get a chance at that gift card, you need to be commenting and leaving an email on those blogs which occur every Monday from Nov. 5th through the end of January.

Review Sites on Blogs This Week

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Andi's Book Review, Nov. 13 - Tuesday

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The Muse Unleashed, Nov. 16 - Friday

See you in cyberspace or in person.  Or both!

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