Monday, December 17, 2012

Blogging with Christy McKee and Happy Holidays

Today I'm blogging with Christy McKee , on her blog "The Sweet Spot of Life."  She did a great interview with me and is featuring Healing Notes.  If you wish to stop by and Say Hi. That would be great.  All comments will still be entered in the $25 gift card at the end of this tour in January.

Speaking of Giveaways. The Webbiegrrl Ginormous 30,000th visitor giveaway of 70+ books has ended.  She sent me the list of 15 randomly drawn names as winners of the three books I was giving away.  So, if you entered, be sure to check your email and the Webbiegrrl site to see if you won. If you didn't win one of my books you likely won something.  With so many books to giveaway, I imagine some people won more than once.  It was great fun to be part of a big effort.

I hope you are finding your holidays wonderful.  As a show that I'm getting in the holiday spirit, I thought I would share with you my wonderful husband playing guitar at church with two women from the choir as they sing We Wish You a Merry Little Christmas.  It makes me smile every time I watch it.

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