Monday, December 10, 2012

Virtual Travels with Maggie

Today I'm doing a guest blog at Books are Magic. I'm talking about why I write wounded heroes and heroines.  It would be great if you stopped by and said Hi.  I'm still running the $25 gift card giveaway for this final tour for Healing Notes.  It will be awarded the end of January.

Resources for Today and the New Year

I thought today, I would post something a little different.  Each day I spend probably an hour (sometimes two) visiting other blogs I like. Some of them are authors I happen to love. Others are just interesting information or relate to something I'm writing.  So, I thought I'd share some of those blogs with you. You might decide one of them is interesting to you as well.

Author Blogs

There are a lot of author blogs I visit, but today I'm going to talk about the three that I make sure never to miss.  In later blogs I'll share others, including book review sites and blogs I think are amazing.

Jamie Brazil - Today she's talking about "Banishing the Beloved Hoodie."  Jamie writes fun, humorous, romantic comedy.  But that's not the only reason I follow her blog.  For the past several weeks she's been sharing her "struggles" with cleaning out closets and deciding what to keep and what to giveaway. She's an amazing vintage shopper and quite the fashionista, so she has some real steals that are hard to give up--even if she hasn't worn them in ages. Hoodies aren't necessarily vintage, but I think you'll smile at this timely blog.  I live vicariously through Jamie's fashionista struggles as I'm someone who can barely figure out which t-shirt to wear with my worn jeans.

Jessa Slade - I like her Amok on Mondays, which is a new feature, where she interviews an author.  Today she is interviewing Jenna Bayley-Burke.  The thing I always appreciate about Jessa's blogs is that they are funny and intelligent. She has a wicked sense of humor and it truly reflects her personality.  Most of her postings are very short (unlike mine), but they still make me smile.

The Three Janes - This blog is written by three indie writers: Susan Lute, Nancy Brophy, and Cassiel Knight.  The do have regular guest bloggers too. I like this blog for two reasons: 1) It is a truly realistic reflection of the struggles and triumphs of the indie writer. Sometimes it has new insights into the business, but most of the time it is a writer sharing her journey. I like that. 2) These three women are amazingly supporting of other writers. They truly believe that promoting others is as important as promoting themselves. I like that Karma.


Every corporate salesperson, SEO coder, and social media maven has ideas to sell about how to market a book.  Most of it is repurposing marketing information for corporate widgets into bookselling. Most of it doesn't translate well for today's market.  I currently follow two marketing blogs.  Although there are authors who actually love the whole promo part of writing, I am not one of them.  So, I'm always looking at what other opportunities I should be evaluating.  Sometimes I agree with them, sometimes I don't.  But I always learn something.  There are others I follow too, and I will share them in later posts after the new year.

Author Marketing 101 - This blog is run by two authors who also have extensive marketing backgrounds: C. Morgan Kennedy and Therese Patrick.  What I like about the blog is that they describe things in a language everyone can understand instead of all the jargon.  They also give very specific examples by analyzing an author's website or promo items, with pictures and pointers.  That really helps drive the message home.  This week/month they are doing a checklist and guidebook on their site which encompasses all of their previous posts.  So, it's definitely the time to visit if you haven't before. Even if you have, it's a great reinforcement of things you've learned.  These two women REALLY know what they are talking about. Conferences beg fro them to come talk and every time they do, they get off-the-chart positive reviews.

Webbiegrrl - Webbiegrrl is a marketing blogger.  She is also a romance writer, but I follow her marketing blog and I'm participating in her 70+ book giveaway.  Honestly, I found her by accident and I don't know her personally. Her marketing information is more on the 20,0000 foot level and I find it always makes me think. She's also quite willing to give advice if you comment on the blog.  Today she is talking about

The Business of Writing

I've met countless writes over the past decade who are just like this picture. Their head is in the sand, not wanting to deal with the fact they are a small business. In the "olden" days writers counted on their agent to take care of "the business."  Others simply figured as long as the publisher sent checks, that was enough and they would have the tax accountant report it all each year.  Both of these approaches are not sound. 

First, no matter how amazing your agent may be, unless you are J.K. or Nora, he or she has many other clients and your business is not necessarily at the top the list to watch.  Not that they will purposely screw you (though some will) but things can fall between the cracks. Only YOU are 100% in charge of your business.  In the end you sign the contracts. You accept the deals.  If you are an indie writer you are also the publisher which makes your small business even more complex.

Again, I always follow two blogs for this topic as well. One is written by Kristine Kathryn Rusch, author of more than 100 fiction books and numerous non-fiction books and articles. She continues to publish both traditionally with NY and independently.  She pulls no punches about her opinions and, even if you don't always agree with her, you will learn something important. The second is written by David Vandigriff, who is an intellectual property attorney and has been blogging for a decade now about the changing publishing business and its impact on writers.  I highly recommend both of these bloggers.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch - Her blog provides powerful information about the writing business, contracts, agents, editors, and the general state of the industry.  Right now she is doing a series on wills and the importance of including the control of your literary property in your will.  On her site, there are two areas where you will want to read not only the articles but all the comments of themany authors who follow this blog.  Those two areas are: The Freelance Survival Guide and The Business Rusch.  The literary property and wills series is under the latter.

The Passive Guy - This blogger, David Vandigriff, is an intellectual property attorney and again very knowledgeable about the publishing business. He does often talk about contracts, and keeps me abreast of the latest court cases and suits. However, equally as often, he talks about changes in the business of publishing and has the perspective of history to offer an intelligent analysis of what these changes may mean.  Often Kris and Passive Guy also talk about the same topics because they do read each others blogs.

That's enough for one day. I hope you find one or more resources here that are of interest to you as a reader, a writer, or simply a follower of the publishing industry.


Collette Cameron said...

Lots of good stuff today, Maggie. Thanks!

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Thanks for stopping by, Collette. I'm a great blog collector. I'm not quite as good at indexing all the wonderful things I've collected, but sharing these resources will help me to find them again.

Paty Jager said...

I just added new blogs to my blog roll so I can remember to visit these blogs. Thanks, Maggie! I'm terrible when it comes to business. I wish my husband would take over that for me but he's too busy with all the ranching stuff. When I have business question, I usually turn to my youngest daughter who has a business mind(like her father).

TeriBrownwrites said...

This is great stuff Maggie. Thank you so much for such useful information!

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Paty, I hear you about turning over the business stuff. I'm pretty good at business but it is soooo time consuming. On the other hand, I know I can completely trust myself. :)

Teri, glad to see you erupt from your writing cave if only for a moment.

Jessa Slade said...

Like Paty said, I need to add these to a blog roll. I'm constantly forgetting my favorite and finding them again. I guess I get the joy of rediscovery, but that seems a little inefficient :)