Monday, January 21, 2013

Celtic Music Influences

Do you love Celtic music, even when it's not St. Patrick's Day?  Celtic Music is a part of my Sweetwater Canyon series of books and I am blogging about it at Harlie's Books today.  I am also being interviewed at Lisa Haselton's Reviews regarding the second book in the Sweetwater Canyon series, Healing Notes.

My husband and I were married at Castle House in Dunnon, Scotland and honeymooned in the highlands of Scotland and Ireland. During our time there, we attended many traditional music "sessions."  These are music events where a flyer is posted around town and email is sent to area locals for any musicians who wish to show up on a particular night and bring their instruments.

Though most of the instruments are traditional--guitar, fiddle, pipes, bohdran (celtic drum), etc. You are not limited to that. The sessions typically are scheduled on a weekday evening, as weekends are reserved for paid musicians. At one session we encountered a clarinet. At another a digiridoo.  It is amazing how the sounds still blend into the traditional Celtic music.

One of my favorite places in our journey was a small fishing and shipping town in the highlands of Scotland, called Ullapool.  Though the population was only about 1,000, (I'm not sure what it is now) it had music in every pub (4 or 5 places within walking distance of our B&B) ranging from traditional to rock and roll.  Some of my favorite Ceilidh's and sessions were in Ullapool.  As with the traditional sessions we found everywhere, anyone was welcome to join and the pub spotted at least one beer to each musician.

I'll also never forget the band playing Allman Brother's songs, with the lead guitarist and singer dressed in a kilt. The band was pretty faithful to the music, but the look of them made me think I had traveled to a parallel universe.

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After this week, there is only one more stop on the Healing Notes book tour.  So, I am hoping to close it out with lots of visitors.


TeriBrownwrites said...

What a romantic wedding and honeymoon. I would love a trip like that. To relax in the pubs of oher countries and listen to their music... there is no better way to learn about their culture.

Stephanie Manning said...

I can see where you got your theme for Rachel now. Such a fun read after just finishing the Sweetwater Canyon series.