Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolve 2013: TAKE A VACATION - Silver Linings

Happy New Year!!!  I hope each of my readers are looking forward to all that 2013 will offer.  I LOVE New Year's day because it is so full of promise and I always think of it as a fresh start.  I can take everything I learned in the past year and put it to use to make better opportunities and better choices for myself this year.

Please welcome my first author friend to help with my New Year's resolution. The wonderful Jamie Brazil writes sweet romantic comedy. And I swear her life is often like a romantic comedy too. She has a way of finding the silver lining in everything and always smiling. A true friend and a great example of keeping your cool. You can learn more about her current release below. But right now, let's see what advice she has for my resolution to "Take a Vacation" in 2013.

TAKE A VACATION: Silver Linings

Jamie Brazil

Prince Charming, Inc.

The only reason I’m going anywhere for vacation this year is because my car blew up. That doesn’t seem to make any sense, but it’s true.

This past October, as I drove downtown with my windshield wipers thumping on high, steam began billowing across my windshield… big, wafting clouds of steam… coming from under my hood. After I had my car towed, I learned my heater hoses had blown.

The repair went on my credit card. I’m still paying it off.

Now for some vacation math:

Does [Odometer reading] + [old car] x [credit card statement] = Road Trip?

No! But it does equal a vacation.

Here’s the new equation:

[Credit card statement] x [Amtrak bonus miles] x [Author friend in Vancouver, B.C.] = vacation

I cleared the time with my husband who will take care of the dog, and I checked my plans with my friend. The Murphy bed in her study is all mine for a week. All I need to do is book that ticket. The points are sitting there, on my statement, waiting for me to make the call.

Yet I haven’t. Not quite yet. At 11.99% interest I am motivated to get those heater hoses paid off. Before I set foot on a northbound Cascades train.

Why? Because the last thing I want to do is incur debt upon debt. In fact, I’m already saving for dinners out, cab fare, and admissions. But the best part of my vacation will be spending time with Marlene, whose novels are based on the history of the tango. Of course we’ll hang out in a tango bar, but we’ll also play cribbage into the wee hours, and then drink lots of strong, dark coffee every morning.

While I don’t recommend blowing up your car as a means to a vacation, the unexpected repair I faced back in October will be my train ticket to Canada later this year.

My New Year’s resolution is to pay off those hoses, save $300., and then book that ticket.

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About the Book

Because I LOVE this book, I have to share the blurb and cover.  If you want a wonderful romantic comedy with a twist, you'll love this book too.

From long haul drivers to plumbers, matchmaker Elyse   Tobin refurbishes and retrains men then sells them off as husbands to wealthy San Francisco socialites.    

Womanizing lothario Nick Salvatore is a millionaire restaurateur with looks, charm and wit.  He’s the man Elyse models all her fixer-uppers after… the man who seduced her three years ago… and the one man in San Francisco she wants nothing to do with despite his ongoing efforts to woo her.

But when Elyse’s latest groom goes south, the IRS audits her, and her home is about to be foreclosed, she discovers the one man she can count on is the one she’s spent years avoiding.

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THE RESOLUTION TOUR - January 1 - 9, 2013


pollidog said...

Well, here we go! Nine days of blogging fun. I look forward to helping you with your resolution, Maggie. Happy new year. ~Jamie

Paty Jager said...

This sounds like a great way to make sure you aren't paying for a vacation long after it's over. Great resolution.

Jessa Slade said...

What? It's a vacation with a writing colleague? Well, that's obviously a writing expense. Write it off! ;)

Maggie Jaimeson said...

You all are too funny. Thanks Jamie for the guest post. Looking forward to a wonderful New Year's Day.

Jessie said...

During my first job - post college - my car broke down, at 5pm, in downtown Portland. The care was already on it's last legs but I was in denial. At that point the driver's door was broken so, on top of everything, I had to climb out the window because the passenger side was blocked by cars squeezing by and giving me the bird -- good times.

pollidog said...

Oh Jessie, it pains me to hear about your experience. Breaking down anywhere is not fun, but downtown PDX certainly has special challenges doesn't it?

TeriBrownwrites said...

I hope you both get your vacations!

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Jessie, the whole car breakdown is horrible anywhere but in a busy place it's even worse. I guess one way out of denial is for it to slap you in the face.

Teri, I hope ALL OF US get vacations in 2013.

Linda Mercury said...

Jessie - Um, hooray for your car making that far at least??

My cars have broken down in all sorts of hellish places (Central Illinois in -30 degree weather) so I really feel for you.

Evelyn Bohn said...

Gosh, I can't believe I almost missed this tour on NY resolutions. I have to admit I'm a CC vacation gal. Take the vacation, then pay it off during the year. I know. Bad. But it works.

Jessie said...

Friends are lovely. They can excuse for writing "care" when you mean "car" and still give you empathy. Thank you :-)

Dante Mallet said...

I wished for your car would repaired and would function as new. I suggest that you check the engine of your before you start starting. Sometimes, you can tell the problem just by checking it. Enjoy your vacation!