Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolve 2013: Vacation Explorations

This is the fourth of the nine days of blogging with my friends about 2013 resolutions. I've been learning a lot. Have you? Today I'm at Jenna Bayley-Burke's blog talking about how to eat healthy.  In the meantime, Cassiel Knight is here helping me take a vacation this year. you think they are related?

Paranormal romance and adventure author, Cassiel Knight is one of those people who has boundless energy and has worked really hard for lots of authors.  My first memory of her, is her raffling hundreds of gorgeous, book-filled baskets at a Luncheon for Literacy in Portland, Oregon.  Let's see what she suggests for my resolution to take a vacation this year.

Resolve 2013: Vacation Explorations

Resolving to take a vacation has never been on my list of resolutions. If I had to put anything on it about vacations it would be resolving to explore more. Go unique and unusual places. Go to my dream vacation which is spending a week in Egypt exploring the Valley of the Kings and the Nile. Or visiting Mayan ruins in South America. Or even visiting Glacier National Park in Montana which is significantly closer.

But those, to me, are grand vacations and can be a struggle to add to your schedule.

However, I have no problems taking mini ones. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, they do seem to coincide with traveling as an author. And I’m okay with that.

You see, a vacation is anything you do that is something you love and it can be as simple as taking a weekend at home doing nothing or doing nothing but what YOU want to do.

I’m sure it’s difficult when you are a mother, wife, work full time or are involved in a myriad of activities. But you need the vacation—need the break. Do it for yourself and for your family. Your mind and body—and your family—will thank you for it.

Have a fantastic 2013!

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Mia Langdon—tomb raider and adventure-seeker—has everything she wants. Freedom. Independence. No chains (a.k.a. a man). Her troubles begin when she’s attacked on a dig in Peru. Soon, she’s forced to use her tomb raiding talents to find the flaming arrows of an Egyptian goddess. In the wrong hands, this weapon could destroy the human race—and nearly had.

Used to doing things her own way, it isn’t long before she figures out that she needs the help of Harrison Braden Stanton, her stuffy, but so yummy, Egyptologist and ex-lover. There’s one problem. He despises what she does. 

As Mia and Harrison find themselves in the middle of a battle between the Egyptian gods and goddess, there’s no choice for the woman with a Grand Canyon-sized independence streak and the man working for the Egyptian god, Osiris, but to work together to prevent the destruction of all they love.

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Paty Jager said...

While a large grand vacation would be fun, I prefer the small unexpected vacations.

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Thanks for posting today, Cassie. You have some good points about making vacations out of author travel. I can see that as a "break" for myself, but it doesn't include my husband which is something I need to do more of. I like your mini-vacations concept though.

Jessa Slade said...

Oh, but I so love the grand adventure. I know they're harder to plan and pull off, but they're so much more intense. I'm determined to go grand this year.

Evelyn Bohn said...

I like big vacations too. It's so fun to dream about them all year long and anticipate going. I get the small vacation idea, but to me that's just a break, not a vacation.

Susan said...

Grand is right up my alley. This year it's Disneyland with the family and then off on a road trip with the Mr., a ten day journey through the southwest.