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Untangling the Knot Deanne Wilsted

I am very fortunate to be hosting debut author, Deanne Wilsted, and her inspirational book, Untangling the Knot published through Soul Mate Publishing. Though her book is listed in Contemporary and Inspirational Romance categories. I would also comfortably place it in Women's Fiction.  I believe all three types of readers would find this book meets their needs.


“I did what?”

Twenty-eight year old Gabriella Bessu is St. Therese’s meticulous wedding ceremony coordinator. So the fact that she has mistakenly signed her newest couple up for an annulment, rather than a wedding, sends her Catholic guilt into overdrive.

But who can blame her? The groom is gorgeous and his two kids tug at Gabriella’s heart in a way that overcomes all her best intentions. Before long she’s in over her head, fixing her mixed-up plans and helping the children and dad come to terms with their haunting grief for the mother and wife they lost years earlier.

Can Gabriella untangle her own fears and accept the messy life that God has handed them?


Mandy’s accusations rang through Gabriella’s mind and guilt practically doubled her over. She dropped her bags inside the door and went into the bathroom to splash cold water on her face. The image that met her in the mirror had shame written all over it.

What had she been thinking? Ryan and the kids belonged to Mandy and she had been acting like a lovesick teenager. Scenes from the beach flashed through her mind; Ryan’s smiles at her and the desire she’d had to reach out and kiss him. Filled with self-loathing, she shook her head to get rid of the images.

Her dropped bags at the front door mocked her, so she picked them up and dragged them to her bedroom then crumpled onto the bed. One hand over her eyes, she let the images flood her. With her free hand she reached over and switched on her radio hoping to block out the accusing voices in her head. Her favorite news show was quizzing celebrities on the week’s news, but something about their conversation alarmed her. It took a moment to realize what it was.

She stared at the radio, stunned. If Whose News was on, it meant it was Sunday . . . Sunday!

And, for the first time in years, Gabriella had forgotten to go to Mass.


I absolutley love a good contemporary inspirational, particularly if it has something different.  This book met my expectations and then some.  

The slow build of Gabriella's and Ryan's relationship is juxtaposed against the undertow of grief and loss in both of their families.  For Ryan and his two children it is his wife, who died two years ago.  For Gabriella it is her mother's death, followed by her difficult relationship with father and his death. And Mandy, the difficult bride-to-be, serves as the perfect catalyst to bring everyone to an understanding of what is really going on in their lives.

Untangling the Knot works on all levels. The children are realistically drawn and tug at the heartstrings throughout the book, while at the same time demonstrating they can be just as bratty as the next kid.  Gabriella's faith and belief is like many church-going parishioners. It is natural and based on a child-like acceptance, rather than an adult's full understanding of the commitment and the ability to accept both the pain and the love it can bring.  Ryan, the groom-to-be, serves as the opposite of Gabriella. Someone who has closed himself off form love, faith, and emotion as a whole. He moves the world saying and doing all the right things, but refusing to feel.

Each of these five characters are expertly interwoven, simultaneously living a tangled outward life while carrying burdens of an inner life.  It is the way in which they come together, fall apart, and reunite that makes the amazing work of a healing presence real.  The secondary characters of Ryan's mother and the Priest also play important supporting roles.

Both Christians and those who simply believe in finding and knowing love, in all its guises, will appreciate this book and be pulling for each person to find healing and love. I absolutely highly recommend this book.


With an English teacher for a mom, Deanne Wilsted  grew up reciting conjugations instead of nursery rhymes. Now, forty years later, she's sharing that special skill through her writing and her mothering. Her first book, a contemporary romance called Betting Jessica, was released October 2011. Her second Novel, Untangling the Knot was released on Valentine's Day from Soul Mate Publishing. She is currently marketing her third book for publication and writing her fourth, fifth and sixth while blogging about the crazy stuff she overhears while writing.

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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting this tour!

Collette Cameron said...

I'm hooked after the blurb and excerpt! I'm so happy for you Deanne. I can't wait to read "Untangling The Knot". I'm adding it to the books to take on my cruise next month.

terri patrick said...

Great review! I also felt Untangling The Knot met and exceeded my expectations of a contemporary romance.

Deanne Wilsted said...

Hi Maggie...
Thank you so much for hosting me today and for the amazing review (better written than my book I think:>)

I'm looking forward to seeing what your readers have to say about their own tangled up knots, so I will check back and reply to comments and questions. In the meantime, though, I just wanted to say a huge thanks for sharing the journey.


Deanne Wilsted said...

Hi Collette, I can't wait to hear what you think. It should be a fun cruise read... with a fruity drink in one hand and your kindle in the other. Perfect!

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Deanne, I was truly amazed by this well-written book. Every character had an important part to play in the story. Every character had something to untangle in their life. That is what made it so good for me. I also think it's hard to realistically handle grief and the newly-in-love feeling, while working out what is escape and what is real. You did ALL of that well.

I hope you have a great rest of your tour, but DO check back, as people tend to trickle in over a couple of days.

Deanne Wilsted said...

Thanks Maggie... I'll e back frequently checking for comments; especially on your wonderful site:>)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely review, Maggie! Deanne is fortunate to have you in her corner.

Deanne, I can hardly wait to read Untangling the Knot. It truly sounds like a great read. I hope this book gets loads of positive attention and more sales than you know what to do with.


Laurel N

Deanne Wilsted said...

Thank you so much Laurel... I really enjoyed writing it so it is a thrill to know that readers are having fun with it. Sometimes while writing it I thought my muse had gone off the deep end (especially the crouton scene) but somehow when it came together it all made sense. Thank youf or appreciating that.


Evelyn Bohn said...

SOrry if this comes twice. I pressed submit and it disappeared. Anyway, I was saying this kind of sounds like that Julia Roberts movie, My Best Friend's Wedding where she is subconsciously sabotaging her friend's wedding becaue she realizes she's in love with him.

pollidog said...

Deanne, you are off to a wonderful start and have a knack for bringing together many elements well. And I'm thrilled you are part of the SMP sisterhood, too!

Cathryn Cade said...

Great review! You made me want to read this one, and am off to Amazon to buy it.

Deanne, sounds like you have a heart-warming inspirational story to share.

Cathryn Cade

Deanne Wilsted said...

Hi Evelyn, Pollidog and Cathryn... thanks so much for the comments. I had totally forgotten about My BEst Friend's Wedding, but I also see the similarities. I'll have to track it down and watch it again:>)

This was such a fun story to write, with the mix-ups and guilt over it. Mostly I loved figuring out how to get GAbriella's feelings og guilt resolved... this was probably the most personal part of the story for me as I knwo what it is like to feel guilty about mistakes.

Thanks so much for visiting. I love, love, love hearing the comments and can't wait to see your thoughts once you have read the book. Definitely check back in at amazon or goodreads so I can find your comments there.


Paty Jager said...

This sounds like a unique read and Maggie's review intrigued me even more. Congrats on the new release!