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Wind's Aria by Tessa Stockton

Today I am reviewing an inspirational novella, Wind's Aria, by Tessa Stockton and published by Soul Mate Publishing.

First, I must admit, the cover put me off  because it seemed very contrived, particularly the pose of the angel. The pose suggested narcissistic angel and weak-willed woman. If I didn't already have a trust for Soul Mate I would have passed up the chance to read this book. However, the blurb intrigued me and I decided to take a chance. And I'm very glad I did! Don't let the cover put you off. It does not do justice to the nature of the story at all as far as I'm concerned.


Elected as the Songstress, Aria takes her place on the sacred platform to sing before every dawn. As long as she does so, peace and abundant life belong to her people. 

One morning, amidst a strange wind that brings with it a curse in its eerie howl, Aria loses her ability to make music. But the encroaching death that transpires isn’t her biggest tragedy. It’s that she adores the cause of her blunder, for he’s a magnificent winged creature who’s stolen more than her voice. 


Fog continued to dance around them covering most of his body, to her dismay. Just curious, she convinced herself. She closed her eyes and squeezed the bridge of her nose to concentrate . . . something that seemed hard to do at that moment.

“Feeling better?” The smooth notes of his words swam through her ears.

“Mmm.” She nodded. “I guess.”

He continued to stare.

Aria cleared her throat. “Um . . . can I ask you a question?”

“You may ask . . .”

“But will you answer?”

“That depends.”

“Oh. Well. How did you get to be so huge when all the Meleyans are rather small? And why haven’t I seen you before?”

“That’s two questions.”


He exhaled a steady stream of air, adding to the mist, as if deliberating.

Aria felt the strength of his breath, blowing strands of her hair across her face.

Slow, yet with precision, he lifted a lock from the curve of her mouth and rubbed the strands between his fingers. He murmured, “Soft and orange, like the petals of prairie-tails.” Then he bent and smelled her hair, closing his eyes. “And sweet like the honey of bees.” Again he held her gaze. The corner of his mouth twitched upward. “Do you have a sting?”

“I asked you a question first—”

“Two,” he corrected. Then he smiled.


How does one have faith and the discipline to rise each morning in the dark, climb a cliff and sing? How does one believe it will bring peace and harmony to her people? How lonely is it to carry this out every day, to know you can never have a partner, never marry, never have love? If it were you, would you question its efficacy and your role?

Into this world the heroine, Aria, one day loses focus and breaks her song. That is the beginning of the end of the world as she knew it. Coupled with her godfather’s secret dreams that scare him, and a meeting with a strange boy who is the antithesis of everything she believes, Aria is left to wander alone in her faith and her understanding of her world.

This is a story of faith and love that transcends the daily work of a songstress or of the servant of the evil one. It asks questions of faith which go beyond their every day experiences. It also  asks what can/will one do when faced with tragedy, corruption, and the possibility that everything you knew was wrong? As I read the story, I found myself asking:

Why would a village depend on one young girl to bring them peace and prosperity?
When only one person must remain faithful for an entire people, what is the motivation for the rest to be good in their every day encounters?
How difficult it must be to grow up with the expectation that it is only your song which keeps everyone alive and healthy?
What happens when you fail, as all imperfect beings do fail from time to time? Is there ever forgiveness for such a failure, and is that forgiveness limited only to those who have consistently struggled to be good?

These questions of faith and struggle in the story are the same ones most of us face. It is not unusual to ask why a weak, imperfect being would be asked to carry out such a difficult task.  Told like a long parable, the juxtaposition and similarities of good and evil, weak and strong, and faith and forgiveness are all a part of this sweet story writ on a larger fantasy canvas.

My only trouble with it is that the ending and resolution came too quickly and easily. I believe it could have been 10-20 pages longer in order to make the ending unfold in as beautiful a way as the rest of the book was written.

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A veteran of the performing arts and worldwide missions, Tessa Stockton also contributed as a writer/editor for ministry publications, ghostwriter for political content, and she headed a column on the topic of forgiveness. Today she writes romance and intrigue novels in a variety of genres. In addition to her fantasy romance, WIND’S ARIA, she’s the author of suspense/thriller, THE UNSPEAKABLE, political intrigue/romance, THE UNFORGIVABLE, and a literary short story, LOVE AND LULL, with more in the works.

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Tessa Stockton said...


Thank you so much for your time in reading Wind's Aria, and for sharing such candid thoughts. Your review is beautifully honest, thought provoking, and I deeply appreciate it.

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Thank you for hosting today.

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Welcome Tessa. It is a beautiful story. Please do check back later in the day and over the next two days. My blog readers tend to be people who work during the day and check in at night. They also come from overnight loads to GoodReads, Google+ and reading twitter and FB later in the evening.

Have a great time on your tour!

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Thanks for the review and excerpt!


Tessa Stockton said...

Thanks, Maggie. I will check back periodically. : )

Tessa Stockton said...

@Anonymous: Thanks for your comment and for participating!

Evelyn Bohn said...

I'm really happy to see this review. I've been seeing the cover around Goodreads and wasn't sure if I should check it out. Now I definitely will! Thanks Maggie for telling us about this and thanks Tessa for writing the story.

Evelyn Bohn said...

Oops, I forgot to give you my email. :) eviebohn AT gmail DOT com.

Tessa Stockton said...

Cool, Evelyn...that makes my day! Many thanks - and happy reading. : )

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If you give me "a magnificent winged creature" I'm yours.


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Very nice review.


Tessa Stockton said...

@Mary Preston: Lol! : )

Jamie said...

Great to meet another SMP author! Sounds like a wonderful story.

Anonymous said...

I really like the review point talking about faith and love in your story, and what do you do aspect.

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