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Secrets of an Aztec Temple - Paty Jager

About a month ago, I was very fortunate to feature Paty Jager's first book in the Isabella Mumphrey series, Secrets of a Mayan Moon on my blog. You can see my review here.  Her second book, Secrets of an Aztec Temple, is now available. This time intrepid anthropologist, Isabella Mumphrey, is in Mexico City looking for missing Aztec artifacts. She's come credentialed as an agent of the World Intelligence Organization (a CIA type group) which may put her in even more danger.


Revenge is not always sweet…
Isabella Mumphrey can’t leave a puzzle alone. This time she attempts to use her anthropology knowledge to uncover who is stealing priceless artifacts from an Aztec Temple in Mexico City. The discovery will certainly prove her worth to the World Intelligence Agency.  

Tino Constantine is in Mexico City, too. He has infiltrated a drug lord’s organization to find enough evidence to not only prove the man’s illegal activities, but to bring him down for numerous deaths. Namely those of Tino’s family.

But when the love of his life, Isabella, strolls into his enemy’s home, Tino’s challenged by the choice of saving her or fulfilling his revenge.

Excerpt Four

Tino remained in the SUV as Isabella slid out of the vehicle in front of the Hostel Catedral. He would have preferred to deliver her to the airport and place her on a plane back to Arizona. But knowing her as well as he did, she would have gone kicking and screaming and then found a way to get back to Garza faster than he did. When her mind was set on accomplishing something there was no stopping her. In this case a major flaw. Now, he not only had to bring Garza down, but he would also have to keep Isabella safe in the process. No easy task with her nosing around Garza’s ill-gotten treasures.
“I promise to treat you like all the other macho pig men in Mexico City when I see you at Garza’s.” Her light tone wasn’t reflected in her worried expression and probing gaze as she leaned in the window.
“I will have a phone delivered to you with my number installed. Use the name Juanita when you call in case someone else answers. I want to know everything you find and anyone who you think is suspicious.” He peered into her eyes. His gut ached with regret. If he failed at keeping her safe, he might as well let Garza know he was a spy. “Promise me you will keep me informed, so we do not mess up each other’s mission or endanger one another.”
Her gaze remained locked with his as she nodded. “I promise.”

My Review

Like the first book in the series, Secrets of a Mayan Moon, this one finds Isabella Mumphrey trying to solve another mystery.  Also, Tino is still on the warpath to kill the drug lord responsible for murdering his family.  It is obvious the Tino and Isabella are madly in love, but they are also both so independent and driven to solve their puzzles that they are sometimes bllinded by opportunity.

Being the more experienced agent, Tino is much more cautious in his pursuit of the drug lord.  Isabella still has more smarts than the average woman or man, and carriers her handy McGyver-like vest to get her out of difficult situations.  Her sense of justice and fair play keep her making choices that aren't always in the best interest of staying alive. Throughout the story she questions (and so does the reader) if she has trusted the right people.  Like a good mystery, and a thriller, the reader is not sure if they will make it out alive this time. Each one is willing to die for the other. Each one wants the other to save himself/herself.

Though the ending of this mystery isn't quite as mind-boggling as the Mayan Moon book, the building tension and the constant questions of who is a good guy and who is not kept me turning pages into the wee hours of the morning.  Tino and Isabella have all the best parts of Indiana Jones, McGyver, and a bit of Mr and Mrs Smith wrapped into one--but with a more three-dimensional relationship than cardboard characters.  I hope Paty Jager continues this series with lots of books.  And I still hope some smart studio picks this up for a movie or TV series.

I highly recommend this mystery and suspense with a good romance at the center. If you haven't read Secrets of a Mayan Moon yet, I suggest you pick up both books. Though this stands alone, starting at the beginning will allow you to see how Isabella and Tino's relationship begins and provide you more depth and feeling for them as you read Secrets of an Aztec Temple.

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About the Author

Award winning author Paty Jager is a member of national and local writing organizations. She not only writes the western lifestyle she lives it. With thirteen books and a short story published, she is venturing into the new world of self-publishing ebooks.  Her contemporary Western, Perfectly Good Nanny won the 2008 Eppie for Best Contemporary Romance, Spirit of the Mountain, a historical paranormal set among the Nez Perce, placed 1st in the paranormal category of the Lories Best Published Book Contest, and Spirit of the Lake was a finalist in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence.

Find Paty on the Web: Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads |

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Paty, it really is a good book. Congratulations for pulling it off once again. I truly hope feedback from readers on this series spurs you to consider writing even more adventures for Isabella. You really have a knack for ramping up the tension without having to blow up things on every page. Kudos!

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I enjoyed the review, it's nice to read that my expectations wont be disappointed.

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Lyra, Maggie has been a wonderful supporter of this series. Thanks for stopping in!

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Hi Lena, I'm glad Maggie's review eased your worries.

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Oh, this one sounds very nice I love the setting as well, I'm always interested in a well researched story!


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If Isabella is the love of his live, why are they not together?


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Paty Jager said...

Hi Ami, Thank you. I get as much pleasure out of the research for a book as I do the writing.

Hi Anas, Because Tino has to bring down the man who killed his family before he is willing to settle down.

Hi Ellie, You don't need to read Secrets of a Mayan Moon before this one, but it would show how Tino and Isabella met and how their attraction grew.

Hi Gala, There is a third book in the stewing and brewing stage, which means, I have the plot idea and where it will take place but still need to do the research.

Ah, Fehu, I love hearing those words! LOL I'm glad you are enjoying the excerpts.

Hi Lana! I don't raise horses. We have one each for my husband and I to ride and currently are taking care of a couple for our daughter.

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Hi Anzu. Thank you. It's the first for this book and I'm happy it was received so well! I'm glad you are curious.

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