Monday, May 27, 2013

Decoupling Google+ from Blogger


I've decided to decouple Google+ from all my blogs.  I like Google+ in many ways as a means to communicate. I like the idea of circles. I like the easy exchange and conversational tone. I like that it can come to my email or phone.  It is all of these likes that when I learned I could use it instead of "regular" comments on Blogger, it made sense to me.  How cool that I could automatically choose to send my blog link to Google+. How cool, that people could have conversations with me from that link and their email as easily as coming to my blog.  However, no technology comes without a price.  In this case the price is limiting who can comment to Google+ members only.

Here are the reasons I've chosen to go back to the old commenting system.

  1. I have friends and readers who can't comment because they are not Google+ members and do not want to be Google+ members.  They are already members of too many things.
  2. Google+ does not keep track of the number of response. This means even if there has been 20 comments to a post, it still shows "no comments" on the blog line.  This is really a pain for me to track comments and for my guests to see if anyone has commented and they need to check in.
  3. Google+ catalogs all comments and makes them a part of rankings and indexed feedback.  On the one hand, I like that feature. On the other hand, a lot of people don't like that their comments are so easily indexed, tracked, tagged, and a part of rankings across the web.

I've never been someone who believes in limiting access (except when it comes to spammers). Already Blogger allows you to respond (when not using Google+ comments) through Gmail ID, Blogger ID, OpenID, or anonymously. No matter how hard I've tried to make sure access is good for everyone, it seems that Google+ only provides limits.

My payment for decoupling now is the loss of all comments associated with previous posts where Google+ was in place.

So, I apologize if you left comments previously and can no longer find them. For me, it is a small price to pay, to make sure that anyone who wants to leave comments can without being forced to sign up for yet one more account or ID with a social media entity. So, try it out.

8-13-2013 UPDATE

A couple of people still had problems finding the correct place to unclick. So, I've decided to put a screen shot here in case others find this old post in the future and are still confused. I hope it helps.


Maggie Jaimeson said...

Testing that this doesn't require Google+ membership.

Melia Alexander said...

It works! This is great, Maggie. Thank you!

Jessa Slade said...

I hate it when all my toys don't play nicely together. I understand the drive companies feel to create a monolith, but in our more connected world, they drive us away when they limit that connectivity. One love, one heart, let's get together!

Collette Cameron said...

I loved this post. While I do have a few long-term friends, what striked me the most the past couple of years is the amazing friends I've made since becoming an author...including you, dear lady!

I find myself in a strange place at work as well. I'm ready to give up teaching but not the friendships I have with the staff.

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Jessa, as a techie I've always been a let's have a single standard gal. Throughout technology growth we see example after example where one company tried to be "the best" and keep things proprietary. Can anyone forget the betamax dive to oblivion. Apple used to be extremely proprietary, to the point that independent developers couldn't play in their sandbox. They are still darn proprietary, but they have opened their code more and I see them in the ebook world even playing with Amazon.

Amazon has taken the proprietary route and is still holding tight. I personally believe it will bite them in the end, but we will see. Google used to be the open source example of letting everyone play together. I don't know why they decided to make a turnaround with the Google+ roll out.

I'm a technology peacenik. If you can't do open source, at least make the platform play nice with others. I learned that lesson at about age 4, and I still believe that lesson can work and maintain profitability for corporations too.

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Hi Collette, I think you meant to post at my blog about Friendship. In any case, I'm glad you stopped by.

I do think that authors have a special bond. To be an author you are forced to deal with your worst insecurities and to put an important part of your sense of self worth on the line every time you write, send your work to be critiqued and publish. Only those who choose to do this understand what that means.

Thanks for being my friend, Collette.

Nick Milton said...

Maggie, I would like to decouple my blog, but cant work out how to.

How did you do it?

thanks in advance, Nick Milton

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Hi Nick,

Go to your Blogger account and the blog where you want to make your change. Just below the COMMENTS menu item is an item for G+. Click on that.

You will notice that it shows your profile pic and a few words. To the right of that are two boxes that automatically get checked when you join Google+.

Uncheck the box for using Google+ for comments. Then SAVE.

NOTE: As I said in my blog, you will lose ALL comments that were made on your blog from G+ followers previously. They will still be in your G+ feed, but no longer on your blog.

I keep the box checked for a popup asking me if I want to share the blog post on G+. I like that, but not the comment part because it doesn't allow people who are not on G+ to comment.

Roy Romsey said...

Hello Maggie,
I read your comment regarding how to decouple from google+ but have failed to follow you comments.
On line one.

By 'Blogger account' do you mean the dashboard?
and by 'the blog' do you mean 'the Post'?
I have so far failed to find the two tick boxes you refer to.

Also to decouple does one have to go through the procedure for every post or does it take care of all posts?
Sorry to be a pain, but I am sure I am not the only one having trouble decoupling.
Kind regards

Maggie Jaimeson said...

Roy, I sent you a private email with a screenshot. I hope it helps. I'll update this post with the same screenshot in case others can't follow my instructions.

Thanks for writing.