Thursday, August 29, 2013

Combining Blogs -- Coming Out

In the "old days" of publishing--three our four years ago--it was common and often expected to have a different pseudonym for each genre.  Then you were expected to maintain two different personas and all the social media surrounding that.  As most everyone who follows my books and posts knows, I write my romances under the name Maggie Jaimeson and my Young Adult Fantasy under the name Maggie Faire.  Then for those who have known me in my academic career, you also know I have written non-fiction under my given name, Maggie McVay Lynch.  My first non-fiction title since leaving academia will be coming out in September.  DIY Publishing: A guide to ebook and print formatting and distribution.

For years I have been maintaining the non-fiction and Jaimeson name separately.  Since publishing the fantasy titles, I was also maintaining the Maggie Faire name separately.  Each of these had separate Facebook pages, separate Twitter accounts, and separate Blogs.

In the new world, where 1/2 a million books are being put out each year and book titles stay around forever because of digital availability, having separate names and separate identities everywhere is difficult to keep up.  So, I have decided to combine my social media places into one account and to come out of the closet, so to speak, with all three of my names.

The first step in that combing social media process is combining my Maggie Faire and Maggie Jaimeson blogs.So, you will see I have merged my Maggie Faire blog postings into Maggie's Meanderings.  Now you will be seeing both postings here. Moving forward, I will only be posting to this blog and my guest posts at the Windtree Press blog.

I hope this will also makes it easier for my readers.  I will not be combining the names and redoing all my books with one name. I still think there are some YA readers who don't want to accidentally pick up a romance and some romance readers who don't want to accidentally pick up a YA Fantasy series.  So, you can still count on the name for the genre you like. However, I will be including all three names in information about the books so people can find me in whatever way is easiest.

Over the next couple of months you will see a new website for all three names and I'll be cutting my twitter and Facebook accounts back to single accounts as well. I hope you will all follow me.  Let me know how you feel about this so I can make the transition as easy as possible for all my readers and fans.

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