Thursday, February 27, 2014

Return to Short Story Publication

When I began writing fiction for publication, in the late 1970's and through the 1980's, I first pursued short story publication.  My first love was Science Fiction and that was where I found my first acceptance.  My last short story publication was in 1988.

I then went on fiction hiatus as I pursued my technology and academic careers. I did publish lots of non-fiction during those two decades--articles and four full-length textbooks. When I returned to writing fiction in 2004 I decided my limited time would be spent on novels. That has been worthwhile, in that time I wrote 9 novels. To date five have been published. Three will never be published (I call them my learning novels), and the ninth is coming out soon.

When I became I full time writer a year ago, I also set a goal for returning to short stories and producing a minimum of 6 short stories per year.  This month is my first professional publication in short fiction since 1988.  And it is fitting that it is again in Science Fiction, and particularly having to do with moons.  Here's the blurb for my story.

The Payment
Carrie James has never fit in on Earth. After killing her husband, she is sentenced to spend the rest of her life in the research of the Plutonian moon, Charon. Isolation is always challenging, but 3 billion miles from Earth is more than a life sentence--it's death to everything she knows. But the payment must be made, not only by Carrie but also by Earth.

I'm truly proud to have a short story in the same anthology with so many great SF writers--especially Annie Reed, Steve Mohan, Scott William Carter, and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. 

Fiction River is an anthology magazine. It is available in ebook and print as single issues or by subscription. If you love SF, I hope you will pick it up. All the stories are good and you are bound to find several that really speak to you. Fiction River produces different genre anthologies throughout the year. In addition to SF, in the past year they've covered Fantasy, Time Travel, and Magic. Planned for this year are Crime, Fantasy, SF, Horror, and others. 

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