Monday, March 31, 2014

Fun Video From Rapid Fire Reading

Had a great time at the Rapid Fire Reading Event sponsored by NIWA and the Another Read Through Bookstore in north Portland.  Below is a video of me reading from Healing Notes, followed by author, Athena, reading from A Murder of Crows.  You can check out additional videos from the event as linked below this one. Enjoy!

Maggie Jaimeson and Athena

Ripley Patton

Tonya Macalino

Pam Bainbridge-Cowan (along with Q&A with all authors)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Rapid Fire Readings - Need Some Romance and Women's Fiction Peeps!!

For people who love reading AND supporting an amazing local bookstore, this is THE afternoon event of the weekend to attend. Saturday, March 29th from 1:30-3:00 at ANOTHER READ THROUGH Bookstore in North Portland.  The store owner, Elisa, moved to Mississippi Avenue early this year and has expanded her selection and the events she sponsors. We want to help celebrate having a wonderful store in North Portland. 

Along with the readings, there will also be a SIGNED BOOK RAFFLE and a Q&A SESSION with all the authors. If you live anywhere near Portland, please take time to stop by.

Also, if you are a local author, come introduce yourself to Elisa, the owner of Another Read Through, and to NIWA. If this goes well, Elisa and NIWA are considering making this a quarterly event. Ripley is coordinating it and would love to talk with you about how you and your book(s) could be featured in the future. 


The reading features five authors from five different genres. Each of us read for only five minutes. After everyone has read there will be a Q&A session with all the authors. I can personally vouch for every one of these books. They are well-written, exciting, page-turners that may even make you think.  Of course, there is also a giveaway--a SIGNED BOOK RAFFLE.

Take a look at the five genre offerings below. There is bound to be something new you want to check out.


Ripley Patton will be reading from her very popular Young Adult Paranormal series, The PSS Chronicles. I have to tell you, these books are AMAZING! The whole idea of a mutation/disease called PSS is brilliant. You really want to learn more about this book and this author.


Pam Cowan, author of Something in the Dark and the new Storm Justice series will be there. If you like James Patterson or Lisa Gardner you will like these books. These are gritty, scary, psychological page turners.


Tonya Macalino will be reading from Faces in the Water, the first book in her Shades of Venice series. This is not your 1980's cyberpunk. It is brought forward with that blending of dream and reality, senses and perception at its core. It blew my mind and will definitely appeal to some of the SF fans out there.



If you prefer PURE FANTASY, come meet Athena, author of Murder of Crows. This is the first in a series.  I believe Publisher's Weekly captured the story best. "Murder of Crows is a fantasy flush with romance, intrigue and desperate choices."  It is those desperate choices that kept me turning pages.


You probably noticed a bit of a theme above with all the titles dealing in the paranormal in some way. I'm definitely reading from a completely different genre--one that is in the hear and now. My Sweetwater Canyon series crosses the boundaries between Women's Fiction and Contemporary Romance. Kristen Hannah helped me tag it with "Romantic Women's Fiction" about five years ago, when I was describing the series to her.

I'll be reading from my second book in the Sweetwater Canyon series,  Healing Notes. This book looks at the topic of rape--how both victims and those close to them look at it and deal with it, how the legal system comes into play when prosecuting rape, and how there is no one playbook for how to manage relationships moving forward. Though the story is couched within a growing romantic relationship.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hacked! Keeping Calm and Seeing Opportunity

There are no nice words to describe the emotions when a website is hacked. It's similar to when someone illegally uses my credit card. At first I'm very angry and wish I could see Karma kick that individual in the butt immediately. (That wish is yet to be granted.) Then I get on the phone and start the clean up, hoping I can add more security so that it doesn't happen again.

I had been away for five days at a needed writing retreat. This is when I go away from my home to a place without Internet access and do nothing but write day and night.  Okay, I do eat and take a walk too, but you get the picture. It is pure heaven to be able to focus so intensely for a period of time.

The next morning, after my return, my first email is from a friend saying: "Did you know your website has gibberish all over it? Is it Polish, Russian? Did you learn a new language?" I was hacked! Someone had not only changed the front page, but had managed to get admin access and added lots of not-so-wonderful posts and links to all kinds of places that I would never send my readers to.

After getting over those initial desires for pain to be visited upon the individual(s) who were going to impact the rest of the week for me, I decided to look at it as an opportunity to learn more about security protection and to do something I'd been putting off--rebranding.

My website host, Startlogic, has been amazing throughout this ordeal. They helped me salvage what I could from the database and purge it, and they pointed me to some security options I hadn't considered previously. I've been with them for 10 years and have always been impressed with their customer support. Only once in the past decade have they not fixed my problem during the phone call. Truly amazing.

So, my website is back up and working. It has new branding and I decided to take advantage of a couple more fun plugins to provide more information to readers.  If you have time to take a look I'd really appreciate your feedback. For those who know me and my books well, I'd love to know if you think the new branding fits.