Monday, May 12, 2014

New Series Reveal - Shadow Finders

Some of you may remember my Romantic Suspense novel, Expendable, released in 2011.  Recently I had the rights reverted to me by the publisher, and it is being republished under Windtree Press and will be the first of a new series about the former Marine buddies. Based on what happened in Expendable, the buddies decided to set up an agency to find those who are disappeared, forgotten, or presumed dead.  The first three books are: Expendable, Vanished, and Silenced. All three will be out this year. If all goes well, many more will follow.

With two macho sons--one a former Marine and the other a cop--and a husband with a specialty in military history and warfare, it seemed destined that I would do this series.  I first wrote Expendable when our oldest son was in Iraq on his second tour of duty, so all my angst and worries were worked out in that novel. Even though my protagonists are older than our son, they are retired military (early 40's), the experience and knowledge and fears and passions are all captured here.

If you didn't read Expendable the first time around, I hope you pick it up this time. I've made some minor changes and added some things to the ending to set up the series.  But here's the best part, the covers coming form the magnificent Christy Carlyle at Gilded Heart Design are to die for.  She does covers for several publishers, and I'm very pleased to be working with her. So, let me whet your appetite on the first two books.

Here's the blurb for Expendable, which will be available in ebook at the end of this month and in print by mid-June.  Still working on the final blurb for Vanished, but I'll share it soon.

Children with no birth records and a soldier with PTSD together must define the value of human life.

Jenna Mosier is on a mission to save her murdered sister’s child. Estranged for ten years after a bitter fight, the trail is as cold as her dead sibling. The only glimmer of hope is the place her sister’s body and a ten-year old boy were abandoned…the backyard of Reed Adler, retired Marine Special Ops.

Working together, Jenna and Reed piece together a mystery involving missing children and biogenetics research..and find they have more than justice and revenge in common. But the closer they get to answers, and each other, the more deadly the game becomes. With their hearts and lives on the line, they must decide what they are willing to risk to save one young boy.

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