Friday, July 11, 2014

Aging and Wisdom

This month I turn 60. It is a funny age to be. Even ten years ago it seemed to me that 60 was really old. However, here it is and I don't feel a lot different. Okay, maybe a little slower or a little more tired, but my mind isn't much different. In fact, in my mind I'm closer to 28 years old. I have no idea why that age is stuck in my mind but it is.

Everyone has heard that with age comes wisdom. I would modify that to say, for me, with age comes acceptance. Perhaps that is a kind of wisdom.  Here is my top five list of acceptances:

I accept that:
  1. I have significantly less control over what happens in the world than I thought I did at sixteen. In fact, I think control is not as cool as everyone makes it out to be.
  2. My weight will never again be 120 lbs and to stop setting that as a reasonable goal.
  3. I have run out of time to be a great dancer, actress, and/or musician/songwriter. These were all dreams of mine, as well as being a writer. Some time ago (probably around that magical age of 28) I decided that my pursuit of those things in my youth had to remain as youthful memories. In the end, I only had the energy and passion to pursue one consistently--writing.
  4. Life is all about embracing change. Things in my life have changed multiple times--homes, careers, love, combinations of friends and relatives.  It is hard to let go, but the changes always brought great blessings.
  5. I can always learn something new. Life is learning and I will continue to learn until I die, and maybe even after--who knows?

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