Friday, October 31, 2014

What Happens Underground?

Happy Halloween!!!

What is more spooky than what might happen underground?

Fourteen writers answered the call to think about the meaning of "underground"and write a story. for the annual the Northwest Independent Writers Association anthology. This one is titled Underground.

There were no genre limitations, though it seems that most people leaned toward SF and Fantasy. The always thoughtful Jennifer Willis was the editor.

underground anthology cover
Inside you will visit a murderer's hideout, walk the road to the afterlife, plunder a dragon's lair, uncover a mysterious archaeological artifact, glimpse human existence after an environmental apocalypse, and delve deep into dark secrets of crime syndicates, forbidden worlds, sacrifice, and the human psyche.

Really, with such an amazing selection, how can you not buy this?
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The contributing authors and their stories are:

"Down in a Hole" by Mike Chinakos
"When Drake Met Thalise" by Amber Michelle Cook
"Best Friends" by Pamela Cowan and Jake Elliot
"Following the Rules" by Jonathan Ems
"Zeke's Place" by T.L. Kleinberg
"Metro Blue" by Jason LaPier
"The Beckoning" by Maggie Lynch
"Soldier Boy" by Roslyn McFarland
"Sonder" by Cody Newton
"Incident in the Archives" by Dey Rivers
"All is Vanity" by Steven L. Shrewsbury
"On the Vineby" by Dale Ivan Smith
"Surface Tension" by Laurel Standley
"Pooka Polka" by Jennifer Willis

Over the next several weeks, I'll be asking contributing authors to talk about how they interpreted the meaning of "underground" when choosing to write their specific story. My own reflection will be in the next post here on the blog.

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