Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cody Newton's short story Sonder

Continuing with the NIWA Underground Anthology, today I'm visiting with Cody Newton, author of the story "Sonder."

This story is a slice-of-life vignette that juxtaposes the protagonist's simultaneous distance and yet intimacy playing out with the girl at the food cart. I was first attracted to the way Cody describes his characters. The writing is gorgeous. Here is one sample.

"“Her toenails wore a too-perfect coat of deep purple polish—untouched by shoes. Her hair still clung to the fading memory of a recent curl, bouncy, unlike her face and attitude. ”

Writing like that always pulls me in. This is an interesting flash picture of our desire to connect, however briefly.

Tell us about your inspiration for this, Cody.

This was one of those stories that seemed to have been putting itself together, before I even started on it. The whole story is based off an experience I had that was similar to the food cart experience described in the story.

For weeks I couldn’t stop thinking about the woman I saw at the food carts. Not just her, but her story and what had been happening in her life that I knew nothing about. The thought of us as individuals being nothing more than side characters in another’s life isn’t an uncommon thought, but it’s a thought I’ve always enjoyed. And when I saw that woman I became interested in writing a story about her without her ever knowing it existed; or that it was inspired by a two minute interaction at a food cart. An interaction with a guy who played a much smaller role in her life than she ended up playing in his.

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Maggie Lynch said...

Thanks for stopping by to share your inspiration on this one, Cody. I hope to see more from you soon.