Saturday, November 8, 2014

On the Vine by Dale Ivan Smith
Continuing with the author interviews for the NIWA anthology UNDERGROUND, today we will hear from Dale Ivan Smith. Dale has always had a fascination for science fiction and fantasy. He has turned that fascination into creating short stories that have appeared in online zines and two are available as stand alone stories on Amazon.

When I began reading "On the Vine" I thought this would be an interesting story about gardening in prison. However, it is much more than that. It is a story of sacrifice, of making hard choices, and ultimately surviving. 

Dale, what inspired you to submit this particular story to the collection?

"I am working on a long-form story about a former super villain, Jolene Jacobs, who has been released from a prison for meta-humans and tries to choose her own destiny. Jo's meta-human 'power' is to control plant life.

On the Vine" came to me when I wondered what it would have been like for her to have done time in special corrections, unable to use her power, and desperately wanting to learn if her family was okay on the outside. As a new prisoner, she was forbidden any contact with the outside world. She earned access to the prison garden and transferred her concern for her family to her garden plot, struggling to keep her tomato plants alive in the face of torment by the prison authorities.

Learn more about Dale on his Amazon author page .


Maggie Lynch said...

Thanks for stopping by, Dale, and sharing your inspiration for this story. I still love the prison angle, but more than that the underlying themes.

Dale Ivan Smith said...

Thanks for inviting me!