Friday, November 14, 2014

Susan Lute's Holiday Story The Marine's Christmas Proposal
Back to the holiday anthology, The Gift of Christmas, author interviews.  As a reminder, I am continuing my posts for individual authors on what inspired them to write their particular story.  Susan Lute's story, "The Marine's Christmas Proposal," follows her themes of finding a way home and making home wherever you find it.  One thing I personally always love about Su's writing is that she adroitly manages a mainstream romance plot along with a character-driven emotional impact. Her heroes and heroines are never cookie-cutter. That means I love them all the more because of their blemishes, misfortunes, and often messy relationships.

What inspired you to write "A Marine's Christmas Proposal?"

Raised in a military family, and by a career Marine, some of my earliest memories are of living in that close knit community – Long Island, San Diego, Parris Island. It didn't matter where we lived, there was always a sense of being part of something bigger that sheltered my “real” family. It makes sense to me that I would eventually get around to writing about these sometimes flawed heroes, and the journeys they make to find their way home.

When a story starts bugging me to be written, as this one did, it always comes to me first by way of the characters, and because I write romance, that means a hero and heroine who stumble over each other. In the case of David Randal, a career Marine who leaves the Corps to take care of his orphaned nephew, and Charlee Banks, daughter of the hugely successful CEO of Banks Sportswear, I also wanted to write a boss and secretary story.

The politically correct label these days for secretary is administrative assistant, so how could I keep alive the old fashioned notion of a personal secretary, and at the same time turn this story on it's ear? Trying it in reverse did the trick. The roll of “boss” had to be played by Charlee, and David, forced to take whatever job he could in a depressed economy, took a job as her “secretary”. And because Christmas is my favorite holiday, when the sparks started fly, the story took on a life of it's own. It was anyone's guess how it would end.

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Maggie Lynch said...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your inspiration, Susan. It really is a great story!