Monday, November 10, 2014

Susie Slanina story Metro's Mountain Cabin

This continues the brief author interviews from the Windtree Press Christmas anthology, The Gift of Christmas.  Susie's story is a continuation of her popular middle-grade series about Metro the little dog.  Here Susie shares her inspiration for her Metro series and specifically for her Christmas short story, "Metro's Mountain Cabin."

As a child, I had been an avid reader and had always loved book series, but there was never enough in them about the characters' pets.

In 2009 I wrote a poem about a spider. A friend mentioned that I should write more about the spider, but I was happily retired, and besides, I didn't see a future in the spider. But it got me thinking. Maybe I could write a little something about Metro (1994-2008), a lovable dog who meant a whole lot to me.
"The little something about Metro" turned into a children's book series. In the last Metro book, Sherry decides she wants to buy a mountain cabin--a place to take her pets on vacations.

When Windtree Press invited me to write a story for their winter anthology, it was the perfect opportunity to continue the series where I left off--with the story of how Metro gets her cabin and experiences her first snowy winter. But Sherry is only eighteen years old, how can she afford a cabin? Mr. Shady of Corporate Fat Cats provides the answer.

Writing this brought back very fond memories of Metro's (real) mountain cabin.

Learn more about Susie Slanina and her series of books about Metro at her website.

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Maggie Lynch said...

Thanks for stopping by, Susie, and sharing more about your wonderful middle-grade chapter books and Metro the Little Dogs adventures. This is truly a sweet story that is especially fun for young children.