Wednesday, February 18, 2015

V-Day Celebrations and Other Things

I'm one of those people who really does enjoy celebrating every holiday in some way. Usually that means getting out of the house and away somewhere. However, I'm also one of those people who would prefer not to be celebrating with hundreds or thousands of other people in the same place. I know some people are energized by big crowds. I'm not one of them.

Part of my Valentine's Day celebration was spent at Jan's Paperback's with four other authors. We were greeting customers, helping them find books and generally talking about romance and books. It was a very pleasant way to spend my afternoon. Customers came in mostly in twos or threes. Just enough to actually be able to chat, if they wanted. In the pic to the right are authors Pamela Cowan, Sarah Raplee, moi, and Susie Slanina. Mercer Addison was also there but left before this pic was taken. We tried to include her by standing in front of her excellent historical romance books.

Then on Tuesday--after the three day weekend crowds had all gone back to work--my husband and I headed to the Oregon Coast via a longer scenic route out hwy 103 and then hwy 202 to Astoria. We have always enjoyed traveling together and this was no different. We took a short hike off Hwy 202 to see Fishhawk Falls, drove by the Wildlife Refuge where a herd of Elk were grazing in the meadow. Our primary destination in Astoria was the , Columbia River Maritime Museum. I always knew the Columbia River entrance was one of the most dangerous in the world because of shifting sand bars; but the museum really drives that point home. I learned a lot about the river, the history of sailing and trading on the river, and the great work of the Coast Guard in rescuing fisherman both in the Pacific and on the Columbia River.

 Ships line up awaiting a pilot to join the ship and bar pilot to navigate into the river. They then pick up a river pilot to help them head up the Columbia River to ports far away.

We ended the evening with a nice pub meal and a celebration with a tasting of eight different stouts at Ft. George Brewery.  February is their "festival of the dark arts" where they brew about 15 different kinds of stouts. No, I didn't drink 8 pints of Stout. I'd still be there under the table asleep if I did. My husband and I shared a sampler tray of 8 and played the game of trying to figure out what each one was based on the descriptions. We were right on four out of the eight. Then we each settled on the one we liked best. I fell in love with the Murky Pearl Oyster Stout. Believe me, if I hadn't tasted it I would have NEVER ordered it based on the description. But it was delicious.

A wonderful day, beautiful weather, and lots of great conversation, dreaming, and laughing with my husband.How do you like to spend your Valentine's Day?


Diana McCollum said...

What a great way to celebrate V-Day! Personally, I love museums. When my husband and I travel on vacation we always try to include museums and a few local flower gardens (the word is not on the tip of my tongue, at the moment) Botanical Gardens?! We don't enjoy crowds either, so do our Valentine's celebration the day before or after. This year husband and I went up to the mts. and took a short hike, stopped for lunch at a new restaurant. Then dinner out with 89 year old Mom who lives with us.

Maggie Lynch said...

Your day sounds lovely too! We also like botanical gardens. In fact, when we were in the courting stage, we went to a wonderful botanical garden in Pittsburgh (50 miles from where DH lived then). Thanks for stopping by and commenting.